About Myron Rosmarin

Picture of Myron RosmarinMyron has been in senior management positions in the online search industry since 1999.  He has led the definition and development of major search services and has led SEO efforts at Netscape, AOL, iVillage, RevolutionHealth.com, HealthTalk.com, CarePages.com, Mixx.com, StreetPerformance.com, EverydayHealth.com, HealthCommunities.com, BeClose.com, Replyz.com, My Calorie Counter and many smaller online businesses.

His combination of experiences on “both sides of the search engine” is rare in the industry.  He has shared his expertise with hundreds of people using his unique approach in helping website owners succeed in SEO by “thinking like a search engine.”  His guidance has helped deliver millions of visitors from major search engines to the websites he has managed.  Whether working as an “in-house” SEO or as an outside consultant, Myron employs a “teach a person to fish” philosophy ensuring that his clients don’t just receive consulting services, they become more educated about the mysterious art of SEO and they gain key insights into how search engines work along the way.

Before launching his search marketing consultancy in June 2009, he was with Revolution Health starting in June of 2006 continuing through its acquisition by Waterfront Media in October, 2008.  Combined with Everyday Health and other health websites in the network, it became part of the largest network of consumer focused health media on the Internet.  At Revolution, he held the leadership position responsible for its search and SEO efforts.  This included driving the adoption and implementation of best practices for search engine optimization within the organization.  Additionally, he led the product management team with oversight for its flagship products such as the doctors and hospitals directory, drugs and treatments database and recipes application.

Before coming to Revolution Health, Myron was at AOL where he led product management teams with responsibility for AOL Search, Netscape Search, and several highly successful and major cross-functional efforts to integrate premium content and services from across AOL and its partners in a variety of content delivery mechanisms within a user’s search experience.  At AOL, he also held a key role on the company’s SEO “tiger team” driving the implementation of several significant technology enhancements in support of SEO best practices.

Prior to AOL, he held product management positions with several innovative 3D computer graphics software developers catering to the architectural profession following a career change from his previous ten year career in the architecture and design industry.  He was made an Associate with Swanke Hayden Connell Architects in 1993.